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Haute Cature

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Easter Bunny Cat - Takako Iwasa

The Easter Bunny Cat by Takako Iwasa.

Prin and Koutaro are two cats who don’t get out of bed for less than the best catnip and 10,000 American dollars. They aren’t just cute, they are extraordinarily cute and know how to make Haute Cature look as good as it should. Here they don the latest Japanese Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter collections, featuring gorgeous, flowered paw bracelets, lace veils, tuxedo fronts, wool capes with matching caps, and much more.
- “Fashion Cat” showcases the latest in feline fashion as worn by Prin and Koutaro. Purr-fect!

I pick for Pikaland

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I am so excited to be a new curator for picks for pikaland, the pinterest board of Pikaland illustration blog. I have collaborated to this board for nearly a month now and I’m having so much fun!  Apart from having the pleasure of  sharing what inspires me, I am also discovering new illustrators on the way, which is what makes Pinterest such a wonderful source of inspiration.  Please be sure to check out my ppomme Pinterest boards and pins too!

Here are a few illustrations I have selected this week:

Oslo-based illustrator Natalie Foss
Oslo-based illustrator Natalie Foss /// nataliefoss.co.uk

Giulia Tomai - August
Giulia Tomai – August  /// cargocollective.com/giuliatomai

Sabrina Arnault  Illustration in
French illustrator based in Montréal Sabrina Arnault  ///  sabrinaarnault.com

Oui, socks can be whimsical

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bonne maison Painted Rose Socks the hambledon
bonne maison Bouton Rose Socks the hambledon
bonne maison  Mimosa Spot Socks the hambledon
bonne maison Black Butterfly Socks the hambledon

 Painted roses and Rosebuds pink, Mimosa spots and Black butterflies, these are a few of my favourite things today.

I just treated myself to the most gorgeous Bonne Maison‘s socks. These patterns are an instant pick-me-up – no chocolate needed! Thank you the hambledon.com for stocking les plus jolies chaussettes du monde. (the most beautiful socks in the world)

Ruud Van Empel Sunday Best

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ruud van empels sunday best

ruud van empels sunday little boy in  suit

ruud van empel photography

I discovered Dutch artist Ruud van Empel Sunday’s series via an article on the guardian photography and I was immediately drawn to his surreal bright coloured landscape, and the beautiful portraiture of children dressed in clothing from the 1960s. Each photography is a digital collage, a meticulous digital manipulation that results in a mesmerizing image.

Read the insightful article by Maria Hengeveld for the Guardian about Ruud van Empel, including an interview with the artist.

Give me a Pièce of it.

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White Monkey Holding Peach Balm

Le Typographe mini pad notebook

LANVIN vintage printed silk scarf

Hopjes Coffee Candies

Pièce is my new discovery. This lovely online boutique is packed with treasures from the past but also  some  unexpected objects like a copy of  Cheap Chic Update by Caterine Milinaire and Carol Troy dated 1978; the style bible.
Here is what I have selected: A tin of white monkey peach balm because I just love the box , A typographe mini pad notebook handmade in Brussels for my list making addiction, a LANVIN vintage printed silk scarf – so elegant,  and a pack of Hopjes Coffee Candies that reminds me of Amsterdam.

All can be purchase and admire (the photo of all the products are delicious) in the unique piece-piece.com shop.

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