Karine Fortier was born in Paris. After moving to the UK, she studied Visual Communication at the University of The Arts London and now focuses on her own practice and her passion for design.

Karine’s work is energetic, quirky and bright, paying great attention to the composition and the use of colour.

In real life she enjoys having impromptu conversations with people, taking photos, scribbling notes on any piece of paper she can find at the time and collecting picture books.

Karine tries to go away as much as she can to find new inspiration and give life to new ideas.

Illustration, Communication Design and Typography.

Karine specialises in conceptual illustration and visual design for editorial, print, environmental design and web, with a strong focus on simplicity using a bold, minimalist style and playing great attention to the use of colour. She has answered briefs for Computer Arts, Harvey Nichols, Ford, Boden, Folio Society, Pedlars, Brabantia.

You can purchase some of her illustrations as stock images through Offset and very soon as prints in her online shop.

If you are an agent interested in representing Karine and her work please get in touch.